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Keep your personal information safe in the New Year

by Jim Kreidler, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC

As 2021 winds down, lots of us are making resolutions for a fresh start in the New Year — maybe to exercise regularly, get our finances in order, or spend more time with friends.

Scammers are tricking more people into buying gift cards

According to the newest Data Spotlight, 40,000 people reported losing a whopping $148 million in gift cards to scammers during the first nine months of 2021.

Avoid a money mule scam

by Bridget Small, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC

Scammers are looking for people to help them move stolen money. They visit online dating, job search, and social media sites, create fake stories, and make up reasons to send you money, usually by check or Bitcoin.

Amazon impersonators: what you need to know

by Mario Mayo, Acting Associate Director, Division of Consumer Response and Operations

Has Amazon contacted you to confirm a recent purchase you didn’t make or to tell you that your account has been hacked?

Let’s say you get an email about a charge to your credit card for something you aren’t expecting or don’t want. 

Achy fakey heart

by Jim Kreidler

Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC

You’ve heard of romance scams. But do you know how they happen?

In recognition of National Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28, First Community Bank is urging consumers to take an active role in protecting their data.

Less than half of Americans save on a regular basis, but it’s never too late to get started and the reap the benefits.

Scammers know you have questions about the special enrollment, and they’re taking advantage of that to mislead you.